The trust and transparency we embody are reflected in the relationship we have with our community and other businesses we work with.


We have the ability to experience, relate to the thoughts, emotions and experiences of others in our team and those of our community.


We are enthusiastic and passionate about the work we do and we will do what it takes to work towards common goals.

Failing Forward

We are willing to make mistakes, learn quickly and move ahead.

User Centric

We promise to always act in the best interest of our community and offer them a seamless experience.

logo representing a safe space for women

Provide a safe space for you to ask questions and get guidance

Our online community is a space where you ask questions, get and give career advice, share experiences, and find common ground with other women professionals in your field. Anonymously, if you so wish.

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Provide career guidance through our Power Reads

The career advice we offer ranges from how to network, to everyday work advice, to financial management. You can also view companies and jobs based on your preferred sector and requirements.

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Connect you with a Kool Kanya

Feeling stuck in your career? Looking to start something new? Going through a major change in life? Get matched to a Kool Kanya who has been through a similar career trajectory as yours. You will find a space to share your concerns, and seek a solution to your problems.

logo representing becoming a mentor of finding one in the Kool Kanya career network

Help you find a Mentor. Or become one yourself.

The Gamechangers on our platform are successful women who have walked in your shoes. Our platform helps you connect with them so you can learn from them. We also hope that you will also share your learnings with other women and be a gamechanger yourself.

logo representing becoming a mentor of finding one in the Kool Kanya career network

Connect women freelancers and clients with business needs.

Want to get work? Become a freelancer on our curated Marketplace, and showcase your work. Want to get work done? Browse through a catalogue of experts, and hire one that fits your requirements.

Three women sit on a table, talking. It is representative of the micro conversations women are having on the Kool Kanya career community.
A woman with long hair wearing a pink shirt looks down seriously at her keyboard. It is representative of the women who are asking and answering career questions on the Kool Kanya community.
Two women sit at a table which has papers and coffee on it, having a jovial career discussion. It is representative of being able to find and become a mentor on the Kool Kanya community.

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