10 Weird And Wacky Jobs That Just Might Be Your Calling

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Looking for jobs is always a task, but how many of us are actually looking for opportunities that are not strictly in our fields? If you are unsure about your future and want to dabble in something different, you’re in luck! The world is full of weird jobs that just might be the right fit for you!

Many of these job opportunities are subject to market risk. Side-effects of reading ahead include laughter, explosive snorting, unattainable daydreaming, ruined life choices, etc. Reader discretion is advised. 

With the warning in place, let us dive into a world of alternative careers that just might be the right fit for a wonderful and wacky future!

Cat Cafe Owner

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If you love cats and want to open a cafe, just put your passions together! With the world swooning with feline fascination, right now is the correct time to invest in a cat cafe. As weird as it sounds, this is one of the most reasonable crazy job ideas out there. All you need is a love for cats, the patience to deal with all of them, and a space that you can call a cafe. The creativity is all in your hands!

Professional Cuddler 

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Who doesn’t like cuddling, right? It’s time to cuddle your way into a fortune because professional cuddlers are gaining traction in all career circles. Though the idea started in Japan, the idea of professional cuddling is becoming popular in India as well! Scooch over into a profession that is all about relaxing and taking care of others’ emotional support. It’s cuddle time. 

Pet-Food Taster 

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Taste-testing is the fine-wine of the career world. Eating food for money? Sign me up! Or that is what you would think before you discovered the menu. Pet-food tasting is an up-and-coming career option. It is exactly what it claims to be–a bunch of humans taste-testing animal food. Pet food tasters check for flavor, consistency, and texture so that the pets can also have a good time. Don’t worry, they don’t eat the food, they just spit it out.

Ball Inspector 

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The world is full of sports which use balls. From cricket to football, all these balls are made of different materials, need to have different weights, and unique characteristics. However, when it comes to professional tournaments, all the balls have to be standardized. This is where the ball inspectors come in! In India, being a ball inspector for cricket is a pretty big deal. It might sound like just another weird job, but games need rules, guys!

Professional Mourner 

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If you’re sad all the time, it’s time you monetize your general annoyance world! Professional mourning is not a modern concept. Professional mourners were first seen in ancient Egyptian literature, but their presence is pretty global. Many Asian cultures use professional mourners for funeral services. In India, professional mourners are called Rudalis and are often paid to cry at funerals. 

Boyfriend/Girlfriend On Rent

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Need to go to a wedding, but don’t want to deal with the many relatives who ask when you’re going to get married? The simplest way to dodge that bullet is to pay someone to pretend to be your one-and-only! Originating in Japan, the idea of a boyfriend or girlfriend on rent has unfurled through the globe. It sure is a weird job, but now you can be paid money to pretend that you are in love.

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Waterslide Tester 

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Love to go to adventure parks but are low on cash? No worries, you can just become a waterslide tester. Many parks have waterslides and usually, they need to be tested out before they can be opened up to the public. This is the perfect way to get your adrenaline rush and at the same time, line your pockets. In addition, you can also apply for the role of a roller coaster tester or adventure park ride tester. These might be dangerous jobs, but who cares about danger when you make your living by having fun!

Professional Sleeper 

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The job of a professional sleeper is, very simply, sleeping. If you want to get paid for sleeping, you should head to the nearest sleep research center and sign up as a willing test subject. A relatively low-risk job, professional sleeping is a lucrative option for all those who just don’t want to get out of bed every morning. Your job description will include things like testing mattresses and pillows, writing reports on how comfortable a room is, and testing sleeping pills. 

Panda Nanny

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If you think pandas are adorable and are great with animals, you need to check out the career trajectories of Panda Nannies. Despite sounding like fun, the job is pretty intensive, as pandas need a lot of care and love. You will have to bear the brunt of clingy panda cubs! Because of the dwindling population of pandas, the job actually can pay pretty well. You will have to take care of baby pandas, feed them, take care of their emotional health, and wear a panda costume most of the time. 

Animal Colorist 

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The world is full of weird people, and some of them want pets that are bright-pink. This is where you come in! Animal colorists work essentially as hairdressers and stylists for animals. This is not an easy job. You would have to use safe and simple methods, keep the animal occupied while you are working, and make sure that the pets look great. Animal colorists also work with a lot of animal actors–who might need to be differently colored on-screen. 

There are thousands of jobs in the world. While this list is all about the absurd, there is a pearl of wisdom that we can gain from it. Restricting yourself, especially early on in your career journey impacts your trajectory. While you might not want to be a professional mourner, don’t pigeonhole yourself and your aspirations!

Keep an open mind, be ready to learn and change, and make sure you get a few laughs along the way! 

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