4 Ways To Have Effective Meetings When Working From Home

1 min read

Here are 4 easy ways you can have effective meetings as you work from home.

If you’ve heard yourself say “this meeting could have been an email” at any given moment during the lockdown, then this video is for you. If you’re exhausted with unending zoom calls and unmuting yourself only to say “sure, okay”, then this meeting is for you. If you think that most of your work day goes in planning, organising and communicating instead of getting any actual work done, then this video is for you.

So here’s how you can have effective meetings and rid yourself of your meeting-misery!

Having an honours' degree in Liberal Arts, and currently pursuing her Masters' from Sarah Lawrence College, NY; Kritiksha Sharma is a part-time Theatre Actor and a full time procrastinator. She likes to believe that she has some crazy organisational skills but the hundreds of unopened messages and mails on her phone have another story to tell. A big time pop culture enthusiast, she finds nothing more comforting than going to bed while watching a rom-com and snuggling with her laptop as she dreams of things to write about.


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