8 Resume Templates For Every Personality (And Where You Can Download Them)

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You might have heard and read a lot about what to and what not to mention in your resume. In the vast jungle of resume stacks mingled with misinformation, it is tough to put down your personality onto that one-page profile!

But you need to do it. Here’s why:

When you send your resume to a potential employer, they expect it to speak a great deal about your personality, as an individual and as a professional. 

So how do you make your resume reflect your personality?

We have made it easier for you. Here are some ready-to-use free resume designs for every personality types. Pick your best-fit plan from our list below and turn your text resume into a design wonder. 

The Fresher Girl

You are enthusiastic and excited about what’s to come. Fresh out-of-college, you are full of brilliant ideas and zeal to turn them into reality. While you don’t have a lot of work experience to showcase, you want your resume to highlight all your skills and achievements in a way that it stands out.

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The New Mother

You are strong, humble and empathetic. You’ve just had a baby and wish to restart your career after your maternity break. You want your resume to portray your work experience and skills for the time that you’ve worked. It should also highlight your learnings from being a parent, an experience that makes you a better professional.

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The Driven Woman  

You are committed, reliable and proactive. People know you as the doer, and you have your hands dipped in multiple places (read work-related projects). You attend to every critical task in the office and also pitch into planning the retreats and birthdays. You want your resume to scream out your skills and achievements in the perfect proportion to make anyone hire you immediately.

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The TMI Babe

You are vocal and sincere about everything around you. You connect and keeps the office informed and aware of everything happening around you, at times a bit too much! You are a chronic oversharer who loves to portray every single detail of your profile. An ideal resume for you would be one where you put all your achievements onto your resume, whether it is the best student award that you got in college or the recognition award that you got for being the most dedicated intern.

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Lady Laconic

You are the quiet one in the room but know what to say, when! You have all the credibility in terms of your academics, skills, achievement and experience, and you wish to put that out in a minimalistic matter that showcases your nature.

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Miss Modesty

You are humble, kind and a little too shy to boast about yourself, but have complete credibility when it comes to work. You have a great profile with an exceptional skill set, accompanied by academic degree certificate from the top institute. You don’t like boasting; hence, you want to turn to the most modest way to highlight your skillset.

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The Multi-Talented 

You are a know-it-all and understand every sphere of work and life. Whether its entertainment, fashion, education, latest news or current affairs, you have the info on everything and know how to use all of that for work. You have your goals figured out and want to make sure that your resume makes your personality pop.

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The Queen Bee

You are a high achiever and hope to be at the C-suite with this job application. You know exactly what job you wish to do, and your goal is to highlight your work experience and convince everyone that you can tackle whatever comes your way.

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Your resume design should clearly articulate your personality to present that you are the best fit for the position. You deserve that new job. Make your new employer recognise it with a single glance.

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