Here’s How To Find A Mentor To Navigate Your Career Path

how to find a mentor
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Wondering how to find a mentor for your career path? Here’s all you need to know about nurturing a mentor-mentee relationship to navigate your career.

We’ve all been confused at various stages of our careers and wondered if we could have a mentor who could help guide us through all that confusion. So here are 6 ways by which you can navigate your career by finding a mentor! 

  1. Reach out to people that you admire 
  2. Use a platform to find a mentor
  3. Focus on building a mutually beneficial relationship
  4. Show that you’re willing to take feedback
  5. Pay it forward
  6. Join a community of like minded people

Or, you could just watch this video and find out all about how to nurture a mentor-mentee relationship!

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Having an honours' degree in Liberal Arts, and currently pursuing her Masters' from Sarah Lawrence College, NY; Kritiksha Sharma is a part-time Theatre Actor and a full time procrastinator. She likes to believe that she has some crazy organisational skills but the hundreds of unopened messages and mails on her phone have another story to tell. A big time pop culture enthusiast, she finds nothing more comforting than going to bed while watching a rom-com and snuggling with her laptop as she dreams of things to write about.


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