How To Speak Up And Be Seen At Work As You Work From Home

how to speak up and be seen at work
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Here’s how you can get recognised and noticed for your work as you work from home.

Have you ever held back from expressing a valuable opinion during meetings? Ever stopped yourself from asking questions or were doubtful about pitching in with your expertise?

Especially if you’re working in bigger teams or organizations, working from home can certainly put a damper on your visibility. And with all the virtual technology that we’ve been thrown into, ensuring that you’re noticed for your professional accomplishments can most certainly be challenged in this new reality.

So here are a few steps you can follow and be recognised for your work as you work remotely.

  • Keep that camera icon on 
  • Get comfortable with making mistakes
  • Prepare before Meetings
  • Ask questions
  • Share thoughts and feedback on emails
  • Volunteer to take on bigger projects
  • Offer your skills and talents freely

Or, just watch this video for an in-depth step-by-step guide on how to speak up and be seen at work!

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