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Freelancing in India is gaining popularity, especially in these uncertain times where some companies prefer to hire freelancers.
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2020 is all about adapting with the new normal that is freelance career. From flexible working schedules to maximum WFH comfort, freelance is every millennial’s dream come true! Work from the comfort of your own home or your favorite cafe in town and be your own boss. We’re here to help all the freelancers out there to kick-off or amp up their journeys in the world of freelance. Our exhaustive set of resources will help you explore the ins and out of freelancing in india. No matter what your level or field of expertise is, we cover it all! 

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Content Writing

Is writing your superpower and the internet your best friend? Tap to read how you can earn some ₹₹ while doing what you love!

Graphic Designing

Graphic Design is taking the world by a storm and we show you how you can hop on this wild ride. Read how you can be a successful graphic designer in India.

Freelance Photography

Photography is a lot more than clicking pictures on your IPhone and we've covered it all for you in this special guide for freelance photoraphers.

Freelance Make-up Artist

Let your inner MUA shine brighter than your highlighter because make up can be more than just a hobby. Tap to read everything a budding MUA should know.

Essential Reading for Freelance Beginners in India

Making an Impressing in the Freelance Universe: 2020 Edition

Aspiring freelancers! You've come to the right place. Check out our guide to understand:

  • Is freelancing made for you?
  • Pros and cons of freelancing
  • How much do freelancers earn in India?
  • How to kick-start your freelancing career?

Quiz: Are You Ready to Start Freelancing?

Wondering if you’re cut out for a successful freelance career in India? Maybe taking this 2 min quiz can help you make a decision

Dear Freelancers, Say Goodbye to Your Legal Blues

Our extensive guides covers all things legal, ranging from tax, GST and everything you need to know!

  • How to register a freelance business?
  • Freelancer tax in India (Income tax and/or GST)
  • Drafting a freelancing contract

Your First Freelance Gig Is Just Around the Corner

Most freelancers confess that their biggest challenge is getting their first client. This guide is a sure-shot way to find the first of many! Read this article to find out about.

  • Building a Network
  • Reaching out to clients
  • Ensuring smooth deals and relationships

Other Articles For Freelance Beginners

Resources For Advanced Freelancers in India

Getting Work & Getting Paid

Freelance Content Writing Career

Love Playing With Words? It's Time You Master the Art of Freelance Content Writing Too!

Most freelancers confess that their biggest challenge is getting their first client. If you don't belive in trial and error this guide is a must read. Read this article to find out about.

  • Finding your first client
  • Ace the art of networking
  • Getting work through social media platforms

Freelance Graphic Designer Career

Aesthetically Pleasing Work? Yes, Please! Check Out the Best Tips for Freelance Graphic Designers

If you don't believe in trial and error this freelance graphic design is just what you need! Read this article to find out about.

  • Starting off right
  • Expanding your network
  • Chasing payments easily

Freelance Photography Career

From Capturing Moments to Capitalizing Clients- Things All Freelance Photographers Must Know

Not sure how to kick-start? Find your first client and never look back with the help of this guide.

  • Scoring your first freelance gig
  • Networking to expand business
  • Getting work through social media (especially Instagram)

Freelance Make-up Artist

Make-up Is an Underrated Form of Art But Your Freelance Career Won't Be!

Check out our smudge-proof guide to becoming an MUA in India and blend in the industry easily.

  • Finding your first muse
  • Building an indemnity from scratch
  • Getting work through IG and FB

Expert Tips for Freelance Career Growth