How To Wear Red Lipstick, The New Corporate Suit + Tips On Working The Look

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What the little black dress is to your wardrobe, red lipstick is to your beauty box. It’s bold and it resonates power and confidence. With time, this classic shade has found it’s way gradually to the corporate boardroom. It’s the perfect go-to, on a particularly gloomy Monday morning. One application, and boom, you’ve got a new dose of confidence right there! From making you look like the girl boss that you are, to dressing up almost anything that you put together in a sleepy morning haze, red lipstick is bae! Read our tips on how to wear red lipsticks.   

While the bone of contention remains whether walking in with a red mouth is office-appropriate,  we think red is the symbol of power, and it’s time we redefined the old saying, “Bold is not only beautiful but powerful too.” Here are some ways to totally own the look in a non-flippant way.

Pick The Right Shade Of Red 

The biggest question in every woman’s mind on how to wear red lipstick is if red lipstick will complement their skin tone. The good news is, there is a red for every skin tone, may we also add, hair colour too? From bright shades of crimson to precious ruby to illuminated vermillion or just flushed tones of reds in florids and roseate, you will be spoilt for choice. Once you know which shade of red lipstick blends with your skin and hair, you know you are ready to cast a spell.

Make Sure Your Red Lipstick Is Applied Correctly 

While we are all for red lipstick at work, we also think you need to work around the colour in the right way. Outline your lips with a liner, moisturise with a good lip balm, and apply two coats of the lipstick. Matte lips last longer and deliver better results for longer hours at work. For the rest of the face, keep it clean of any makeup, you could do with a few sweeps of mascara or a light dash of kohl under your eye and in all seriousness, you are ready to buzz your way to the next boardroom meeting.

Plan Your Wardrobe Around Your Red Lipstick 

Neutral shades of clothing will help balance the fiery shade of red. We suggest planning your wardrobe in basic neutral shades. It could be a crisp white linen shirt, or a stylish black skirt suit, a soot hued pencil dress or a beige pantsuit, you get the drift? Your red lips will draw enough attention, so keeping your clothes understated will help maintain the corporate decorum.

Remember you are stepping out of the safe zone of conventional style. You can either be diffident of the scarlet hue or exude power with your red shade. Think, you are the epitome of the contemporary corporate woman, who is beautiful just as she is confident and empowered. You are not about fluff and fancy but about inspiration and brilliance and red is your colour of power.

You go, girl!


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