Quiz: Which Popular Female Character’s Career Would You Have?

Quiz: Which Popular Character's Career Would You Have?
Quiz: Which Popular Character's Career Would You Have?
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Female characters in films are rarely given strong character arcs. While male characters are busy figuring out how to navigate their jobs and careers, female characters are just…there. With no motives, no ambition, no drive, no skills. However, some films and series have managed to draw out female characters who have careers and are happy with them.

Which one of these characters would you be? If you were in a movie or a TV series, which career would you have? Would you be a savvy entrepreneur like Aisha Mehra, an ambitious teacher like Sandhya Varma, or a content, happy musician like Phoebe Buffay? Take this quiz to find out!

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  1. I don’t want to be a doctor but I want to open free schools and hospital for people My dream is to be a famous persons through out the world for my work, Buisness, and my acting profession

  2. I was a student of cinematography and filmmaking but my parents didn’t allowed me to continue on this.. 😂😂 Before Kaira it was Avni- depressed, aggressive, passionate and family hater 😂


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