July 8th-13th: Here’s Your Career Tarot Reading For The Week Ahead4 min read


Wondering what this week will bring for you? We’ve got tarot card reader Hrithikka Prabakar to chart out a weekly tarot reading for you, that’ll help you make all the right moves at work.

This week you are in the energy of the Queen, so start acting and thinking like one. Confidence, perseverance and decisiveness are crucial during this time. People surrounding you consider you a leader and look up to you for guidance and support. So make sure that you are providing them with the most effective learning strategy. This will also help you achieve greatness in the future. Your lucky colour this week is blue and your lucky day this week is Friday.

What you give is what you receive; this is the energy that you are in this week. The things that you put your time and effort into are the things that will reap the rewards. Right now, it is essential for you to focus on your dreams and goals, the people you work with and the personal relationships you hold. Consider some form of charity work to improve your financial situation. Your lucky colour this week is white and your lucky day this week is Friday.

To take a stand for your dreams and goals, you need to find a balance between your mind and heart. This may lead you towards different outcomes initially, but along the way, you will take control. Focus on building strength and confidence this week.Your lucky colour is orange and your lucky day this week is Wednesday.

Change is the only constant thing, and this week is all about new beginnings. Move forward with total power and leadership. Not only are you physically prepared to manifest your career path, but you are also intuitively guided as to how to move forward. Don’t let the people that surround you come in the way of you moving forward. Also, taking a small break before this change would be a good idea. Your lucky colour this week is yellow and your lucky day is Monday.

Ever believed in magic? This week the cards are telling you that you are capable of creating magic in your life. All you have to do is put your goals out into the universe, continue working towards it, and you will see everything come true this week. You have been diligently working towards something, and now you will reap the rewards. The only thing that you need to make sure is to maintain a work-life balance and concentrate on your physical and mental health. ’You’ve got this! Your lucky colour this week is blue and your lucky day is Monday.

There is a certain amount of knowledge and information that is coming towards you this week that is going to make you think about where your life is truly going. Notice the signs that you are receiving. When it comes to business deals and partnerships, your gut instinct and intuition is going to be spot on. Have faith in yourself. Contemplate, plan, organise, and you will see everything fall into place. Tuesday is when you will come to some form of enlightenment about your path. Your lucky colour this week is green and your lucky day is Tuesday.

Life is a cycle, and this week signifies an end of a period, bringing completion, abundance, fulfilment, satisfaction and happiness. You will reap the benefits of the work that you have put in, the choices that you have made, and the results you have achieved through them. Allow yourself time to embrace and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Be kind to yourself. Your lucky colour this week is pink and your lucky day is Wednesday.

It’s time to face all the blocks that are preventing and distracting you from your career goals. Doing this will help you reach your true potential. Keep in mind that being kind to yourself during this time is also essential. If you have been thinking of addressing a specific situation(s) at work, now is the time to do it. Your lucky colour this week is gold and your lucky day is Saturday.

This week you will see yourself setting your goals, and envisioning the entire process of how you will get there. Take this clarity as a confirmation that everything is happening according to the divine plan. Make sure you express gratitude to the universe for allowing things to fall into place. If you’ve been contemplating moving out of a situation, job or cities, this is the time to do it. It’s time for a fresh new start, and a new beginning, with new energy. Your lucky colour this week is red and your lucky day is Monday.

You have been fighting for your dreams and goals, and you shouldn’t stop now. It is not easy, but it is worth it. Take control of the power that you possess within you, and stand your ground because you are about to overcome any blocks that you face. Business goals are worth the strain that you are feeling right now. Your lucky colour this week is lime green and your lucky day is Sunday.

You are surrounded by calmness, blessings and peace this entire week. The cards are telling you to ground yourself and spend some time in nature to be able to focus on self-growth. Follow your gut feeling and also turn to meditation to stay calm. Your lucky colour this week is yellow and your lucky day is Thursday. This will be the day when you settle down with a final choice that you’ve been contemplating.

You have been hiding behind people or situations for too long. Do not let fear be a factor when it comes to manifesting your dreams. This week is about deciding to overcome these blocks and begin your journey. You have all the answers that you require, and the guidance that you need as to how to begin this career path. Now all you have to do is start walking towards it. Your lucky colour this week is purple and your lucky day is Monday.

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Hrithikka Prabakar is a 24-year-old Bangalore-based Tarot card reader and Pranic healer. She aims to use her spiritual practices for self-evolvement while also helping others on a spiritual level. Hrithikka was also a national-level swimmer till the age of 17.


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