5 Work Outfits That You Can Wear In Style (And Quickly Transform Into Party Wear Too)

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Dimum Pertin, our digital marketing lead and our in-house fashionista shares these chic tips on how to change your day to night look with the same clothes.

Fashion is an ambiguous concept in general. In fact, a certain section of the society, till date, remarks that interest in fashion depreciates one’s intellectual capacity. However, if you ask me, just because someone looks fashionable it doesn’t mean that he/she took the world’s time to create that look, or that the person doesn’t care for anything beyond fashion.

Like any other display of art, for me, fashion is about visualisation in the form of patterns, colours, and silhouettes. But before anything else, the key is to be comfortable. One fundamental element of fashion is understanding your body type. That’s all it takes.

Last week, I put on my most fashionable hat and decided to document five of my work outfits that can easily double up as party outfits come 5 PM. Unlike most offices, my office has an informal and comfortable vibe in terms of dress code and I love showing my personality and mood through my clothing. 

Monday: Blazer Chic 

I enjoy experimenting with oversized clothes. I started the week with this grey and a white pinstriped oversized blazer. Blazers are my current form of indulgence. I have combined pastel and earthy colours which cultivated a sophisticated mellow vibe. 

I paired this look with bright red stilettos to showcase the brighter side of my personality (haha). The same outfit can easily turn into a night outfit; simply knot the front of the shirt and lose the blazer.

Tuesday: Sleeve Drama

Everyone has a drawer filled with unused jaded clothes. Once in a while, you may feel like surfing through it to find a missing piece. This led to my green dress. I don’t like the way this dress hugs my body below my torso, but the intricate detailing on the neckline cannot be left unnoticed. I stand tall at 5 feet, so high waisted pants are my go-to.

I played with the dress by tucking it inside to make it look like a top, and in the evening I got rid of the pants and got an instant dinner-ready outfit.

Wednesday: Printed Play 

I love wearing A-line skirts and enjoy exploring patterns. You can never really anticipate how two patterns will complement each other which makes it even more intriguing. But once the formulated look is as per your desire, you can dance around like Mary Poppins. The pattern on pattern look could turn out horrendous but the key is to have a base colour on both the patterns you want to play with. White is the key colour here. 

I went with a maroon top over my white and blue skirt complete with a white shrug. Finishing this look with a sneaker would have increased the wow factor, but unfortunately, Mumbai monsoon didn’t let me, hence the sandals. 

For evening I simply unbuttoned my shrug and went with a casual vibe.

Thursday: Colour Power 

There are times when you would wake up late and just wear a dress to the office. And of course, throw a denim jacket on the go to heighten your cool quotient. In this particular outfit, the colour was an important element, this green compliments my skin tone. In the evening I simply lost the jacket and worked the look for movie night. 

Friday: Casual Chic 

Making it a full circle, I ended my week with a blazer. This is my favourite outfit for the week. I wore high-waisted trousers to accentuate my height. My trousers and blazer were in shades of green and if I had a green top, I would have worn that too. The green and white combination radiated a fresh vibe which was perfect considering it was the weekend. For the evening, again, I simply got rid of the blazer and knotted my tee.

So, there you go. My five looks documented for everyone who needs some fashion inspo. Do let me know which was your favourite look, and if you use any of these tips, I would love to see some photos. 

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