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April 29th-May 4th: Here’s Your Career Tarot Reading For The Week Ahead

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Wondering what this week will bring for you? We’ve got tarot card reader Hrithikka Prabakar to chart out a weekly tarot reading for you, that’ll help you make all the right moves at work.

This is the month where the universe is in full power to support and guide you through your career choices. Watch out for subtle signs that will guide you towards the best outcome in manifesting your dreams. Don’t hesitate to take the support of your friends, family and colleagues while making important decisions. Your lucky colour this week is blue.

This week your emotions will play a significant role in the choices you make. Spend time at a beach, or around water, as it will help you rejuvenate. If you have been waiting to make some changes in your career, now is the perfect time to start. Meditate at the end of each day to tune in to what is happening around you. Your lucky colour this week is orange.

Thanks to this week’s energy you will feel super passionate about your work, and no matter what comes your way you will be ready to deal with it. Tune into this powerful energy to find peace and bliss in your surroundings. Listen to some soul music not just to regulate this energy but also to help you get directed towards the things that truly matter. Your lucky colour this week is red.

Spend a lot of time around nature this week, and if you see any dandelions consider them as a sign that perseverance is the key to achieving and manifesting magic. This week, you will not just empower yourself, but you will also realise that surrounding yourself with the right people is vital towards achieving your goals. Let go of people or situations that no longer serve any purpose towards your ultimate goal. Your lucky colour this week is yellow.

Numbers, patterns or any form of sequences are vital to awakening the power you hold this week. Your cosmic consciousness should be at its peak this week. Spend some time by the sea and feel it’s energy – peaceful and serene but also something that is feared. This could directly be translated into the idea of you seeing your inner consciousness and all it takes to move past even the worst of situations or people. This week, you just need to breathe and notice the universe working with you.

Do you believe in the power of the universe? Well, this week, you really should because everything around you is about positivity. Make sure you surround yourself with good people and maintain good, productive energy. Balance your work with having fun and spending a little downtime with your friends and family. Your lucky colour this week is green.

We have just passed a full moon cycle and all the way from this week until the next full moon you will be breaking away from your old patterns and creating something new. You will see yourself completing each one of your goals and targets with perfection this week. Your lucky colour is seafoam green.

Take a step back from your work life this week and concentrate on the spiritual path, understanding your higher purpose of being here and the wisdom that your soul truly is in tune with. Try meditating and make sure that you are surrounded by positive energy. This is going to help align your chakras which in turn will bring about a cosmic difference to your career. Your lucky colour this week is violet.

Surround yourself with amethyst crystals and the colour purple to create the perfect growth and balance in your life, and in your career. This is the time for you to change yourself, break free and allow yourself to build on new patterns and grow towards your dreams and goals.

You are in the energy of mirroring your inner self. You will be receiving the answers that you have waited for for so many months. Balance out your heart and your head to empower yourself and be embraced entirely within this energy. Notice your true potential and power that you hold to manifest greatness. Your lucky colour this week is white, try to place lotus flowers in your house and in your workspace.

Be careful of the people you surround yourself with, not everyone is who they seem to be and not everyone is looking out for your best interest. Create something new, but to do that you must first release the negative. Distance yourself from who do not bring the right energy into your life. Your lucky colour this week is green.

This is the week of illumination growth. You are surrounded by an energy of spirituality and being at one with God. Now is the time to create new beginnings, changes, take a leap of faith and start a business that you have been looking at doing for a while. Take total power and make sure this happy energy brings you to manifesting everything that you wish for with completion.

Hrithikka Prabakar is a 24-year-old Bangalore-based Tarot card reader and Pranic healer. She aims to use her spiritual practices for self-evolvement while also helping others on a spiritual level. Hrithikka was also a national-level swimmer till the age of 17.

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