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April 8th-13th: Here’s Your Career Tarot Reading For The Week Ahead

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Wondering what this week will bring for you? We’ve got tarot card reader Hrithikka Prabakar to chart out a weekly tarot reading for you, that’ll help you make all the right moves at work.

Use this week to detach and unwind. Do what you are passionate about even if it means stepping away from your current work. It is important for you to allow essential life events to unfold and progress, even if the change seems like a frightening process. Staying in touch with your feelings is great, but also be ready to let go and move on. Your lucky colour this week is purple, and you will find yourself most comfortable with Aquarians.

It is now time to let go of situations and people who do not serve any purpose in your life. Things may get a bit out of hand at work this week, and you need to take a call on what’s really important for your growth and peace of mind. This week is your time to learn and evolve, so go easy on yourself. Take some time out to practice meditation or yoga. Surround yourself with hues of rust red this week. You will find yourself connecting the most with you Leo colleagues.

This week you need to step up and take control. If you’re serious about making some changes at work, now is the time for you to take the lead. You will need an enormous amount of determination and lots of organising skills as you move on to Plan B. Your lucky colour for the week ahead is purple, and the people you will be most comfortable with are Sagittarians.

You have been guilty of not giving yourself enough credit these past few weeks. Now is the time to acknowledge everything you’ve done and pat yourself on the back. Stop second guessing yourself and don’t be overly critical. Learn to find a balance between aiming for the stars and being practical. Pay close attention to the minute details, and get ready to work hard. The broader focus this week is on self-love and finding the balance between your material wants and the spiritual cosmic world. This week your lucky colour is green, and you will get along best with Virgos.

If you are thinking of starting a new career do something with your family or some close friends. This week, you need to reconnect with your roots and put your loved ones above all. Remember, you can do what you set your mind to, all you need is self-confidence and strong belief. Try meditating to help you deal with your insecurities. It would help if you also started thinking of a new chapter in your private life. Blue is your lucky colour, and this week you’ll find yourself spending time with Cancerians.

If you were caught in the middle of some work drama last week, now is the time for peace. This week will tie up a lot of loose ends at work and lead to the beginning of a new cycle. Do not fight this, as a win-win situation is on the horizon. Simply let go of the things that aren’t working out. Make a firm decision but also be open to the idea that your ideas may change (and that’s okay). Surround yourself with violet and try to spend time around your Libran colleagues.

There’s lots of magic to look forward to this week, but you need to balance it out by being practical. Chasing materialistic or financial goals will not work; pursue your dream instead. Also, stay humble and honest towards your work. Focus on the right things, in fact, write down everything that you are grateful for so that you attract only positive energies. There may be a change in your financial status based on some of your past decisions. Teal is your lucky colour, and you are most compatible with the Taurus sign this week.

Treat this week as a “work in progress”. Things are developing even though you are not able to see the results right away. However, if you are unhappy with the way certain essential things are shaping up, now is the time to implement changes. Things may seem a little unstable but trust us, the struggle will be worth it. You may not be receiving the things you want this week, but you are receiving the things you need. Aqua is the colour for you, and we suggest seeking out your Gemini colleague this week.

Think of this week as your rebirth. Whatever you have been going through will be coming to an end. You will realise that despite all that darkness you were always working towards a rainbow. Don’t give up hope just yet; you are on your way to creating magic. This week, make an investment, stop being obsessive and let go of any grudges you’ve been holding. Spend some time alone enjoying your own company. The colour for you this week is indigo, and you will be most compatible with the Scorpio sign.

This week is going to be quite emotional for you, and things may get a little heated at work. Make sure you deal with your feelings in the right manner. Meditate, don’t be overly clingy, prevent any self-pity and spend some time with family. It is essential to be sensitive to the people around you while also stepping up and overcoming your insecurities. Remember always to be kind to others. Surround yourself with the colour blue this week. The most compatible sign for you is Cancer.

Make sure you reevaluate your current project as it may not have a favourable outcome. Figure out if it’s worth the hard work. You also need to trust the universe; something better and more significant is definitely around the corner, you need to give it time and let things unfold. Black is the colour for you this week, and we advise you to seek out your most compatible colleagues, Pisceans.

It is the week of regrouping and learning from your experiences rather than blindly forging ahead. Have faith in the fact that whatever is happening is for the best. Give yourself time to relax and breathe. Repeat this mantra: ‘I am where I am, and that is okay.’ Also, be honest with yourself as to where you see this work cycle going. Sky blue is the colour for you this week, and you are getting some good news this Friday, Surround yourself with Gemini colleague this week.

Hrithikka Prabakar is a 24-year-old Bangalore-based Tarot card reader and Pranic healer. She aims to use her spiritual practices for self-evolvement while also helping others on a spiritual level. Hrithikka was also a national-level swimmer till the age of 17.

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