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July 22nd-28th: Here’s Your Career Tarot Reading For The Week Ahead

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Wondering what this week will bring for you? We’ve got tarot card reader Hrithikka Prabakar to chart out a weekly tarot reading for you, that’ll help you make all the right moves at work.

This week you may feel the need to connect with higher energy. Create an altar or visit a powerful place to connect with that energy. This will help you align with your self and career goals with more clarity. Light candles in your workplace if possible or around your personal space at home. Your lucky colour this week is blue.

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Take some time out for self-care this week. This process of tuning into yourself is going to bring about a good change in your work life. The power to build your career is all within you. Your lucky colour this week is green.

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You have an infinite supply of energy this week that will let you deal with all your work problems with the utmost ease. Tune into your inner self and find solutions to everything that is coming in the way of your growth. Your lucky colour this week is purple.

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The old must be released so that the new can enter. This is the energy this week, not just for your work life but also your personal life. If you are thinking of changing your career path or the space you work in, now is the time to do it. Use your intuition while moving forward. Your lucky colour this week is orange.

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Your total energy is about taking a risk and following your dreams. This week you are given the opportunity to really put your goals in motion. This is what you were meant to do. Your lucky colour this week is violet.

You are coming into the energy of a golden opportunity this week. Essential doors are opening for you right now. Make sure you grab the chance and move in the direction you’ve always desired. Your lucky colour this week is blue.

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This week you are like a sorceress who can manifest all her intentions, dreams, goals and the most idyllic work situations into reality. Take advantage of the situation and manifest the future career that you would like to have. Move towards your plans with complete faith and hope. Your lucky colour this week is purple.

This is the week of being bold! Unleash your adventurous side. Take risks and be daring when it comes to any work decisions that need to be made. Great things lie outside your comfort zone. Your lucky colour this week is gold, which truly blends with the idea that this week every spontaneous decision you make will manifest.

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Yes, things may have been a little difficult these past weeks but don’t back down. You know the direction you want to go in, so treat this week as a test of strength and determination. You will never be put into something that you are not meant to overcome. Your lucky colour this week is black.

Be sensitive this week. Notice the energies that surround you and be at complete peace with yourself and the people around you. Stay calm when things seem frustrating. Try and include meditation in your me-time. Your lucky colour this week is gold and pink.

There is no need to hurry or force things to happen. Everything is occurring in perfect and divine timing. Let go of any stress, worries and anxieties that you faced during this time. Your lucky colour this week is teal.

You’re just getting started on your new journey, so have patience with yourself and the process that you are going through. Irrespective of what comes your way do not give up. The colour that is lucky for you this week, especially when it comes to clothing at work is white. Try placing white flowers within your workspace as well.

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Hrithikka Prabakar is a 24-year-old Bangalore-based Tarot card reader and Pranic healer. She aims to use her spiritual practices for self-evolvement while also helping others on a spiritual level. Hrithikka was also a national-level swimmer till the age of 17.

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