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June 10th- 16th: Here’s Your Career Tarot Reading For The Week Ahead

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Wondering what this week will bring for you? We’ve got tarot card reader Hrithikka Prabakar to chart out a weekly tarot reading for you, that’ll help you make all the right moves at work.

You’ve reached a point where you’ve grown, but you cannot move forward. It is time to take some rest and take some guidance and help; you don’t have to do everything on your own. Look to a friend, a mentor or a business partner, somebody who has been in the business longer than you have, for some advice. Also, do not choose to start any new ventures at this time unless it is with an investor or partner. Your lucky colour this week is yellow.

You may not love the experiences you are having right now but trust the universe. There is an underlying purpose which you cannot see. Do not fight the situation; ride it out and see where it leads. Do not start any new projects at the moment. Your lucky colour this week is blue.

Ask yourself this: are you willing to do whatever it takes to live your dreams? Are you ready to set time aside, learn new things to help you and make your goals a priority? Being faithful to your calling is essential for you to be prosperous. This week you also need to take an honest look at your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and relationship with money, all of which ties in with your dream and start doing meaningful work. Your lucky colour this week is pink.

This week is a great time to get clarity on how you can make your dreams come true. What would you need to live out your dreams? Can you imagine the kind of life you desire without holding back the sheer force of your powers of creativity? If you can envision it, you can have it. Your dreams will come true as long as you see it. Your lucky colour this week is sky blue.

As you strive to create a prosperous life, you may encounter unexpected setbacks. You may not be 100 per cent clear on where you need to go right now; however, circumstances are not in your control right now. Do not begin any new ventures at this moment. Wait it out. All will be well, just trust. Your lucky colour this week is black.

This week you need to focus on the simple mundane things: checking your email, responding to messages, clearing bills and making lists. Your card this week points to the fact that you may be overburdened and need to start taking control. It’s okay to say no, and also ask for help. It is also essential to take care of yourself. Your lucky colour this week is brown.

Everything you need to reach success is at your disposal. The direction you are moving in is taking you towards your destiny. Solely focus on the steps you’re going to take to claim your prosperous life. Your lucky colours this week are pink and violet.

When you act authentically, the world reflects in the same way. Make sure you express yourself with perfect clarity, be it in your business choices, investment or upcoming projects. Do not begin anything new at the moment; instead, try and find your true calling, or focus on the happiness you receive with your current job. Your lucky colour this week is orange.

There is only one authentic you, and when you are in alignment with that version of yourself, you can reach newer heights. Now is the time to seek what you truly want. When you find this direction, you will automatically step into prosperity. Your lucky colour this week is gold.

You have a lot to be grateful for this week. You are in the right place at the right time with the right people. The stars are aligned in your favour and victory and success are yours to claim. You have worked for it, and you deserve it. This is the time where you can choose to begin a new venture or expand the one that you already have. Your lucky colour this week is violet.

This week think long term and engage in continued action. Your efforts, ideas and hard work can lead to greater riches. Do not begin any new businesses at the moment but build on the one that you already have. Your lucky colour this week is tan.

The message is clear: The path you have been on with your work has come to an end. This could also point towards completion. You’ve finished your task and now need to wait for newer opportunities. This is the sign you were looking for to jump in the unknown; however take some time before starting a new project. Your lucky colour this week is green.

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Hrithikka Prabakar is a 24-year-old Bangalore-based Tarot card reader and Pranic healer. She aims to use her spiritual practices for self-evolvement while also helping others on a spiritual level. Hrithikka was also a national-level swimmer till the age of 17.

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