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March 11th-16th: Here’s Your Career Tarot Reading For The Week Ahead2 min read

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Take a deep breath. Before you get caught in the routine of this week, you need a moment to understand what is lined up for you at work. Whether you are feeling a little stuck at your job Capricorns or struggling with finding the correct work-life balance, Taureans, our  weekly career tarot reading by Hrithikka Prabakar will give you clarity on what’s coming this week, along with the tools to power through. 


Card: 3 of Swords 

You may feel some level of stress and anxiety with regards to a past event at work or due to fear of an upcoming project. Identify the negative energy and use this week to clear out pessimist blocks and open yourself up for better things.


Card: 2 of Cups  

You career and your relationship are going to be working in tune this week. You may meet somebody new at work event. If you are in a relationship, then this card represents the need to figure out a way to make your relationship a number one priority without letting it come in the way of your work. 


Card: Ace of Wands 

Gemini souls are in a serious phase of manifesting their dreams. This week is the best time to constructively build and create the life that you’ve been wanting. This is the sign you were looking for… manifest the things that you are most passionate about. 


Card: 3 of Cups

 Right now, the work that you have done in the past may just be reaping its rewards. However, this could also mean that you need to put in more efforts into manifesting your dreams. This week’s energy is all about celebration.


Card: King of Cups

Leos are in an energy zone where they are in control of the choices they are making. Use your heart more than logic and you’ll find yourself having a great week.


Card: Justice

The Justice card represents a perfect balance. You are in the energy of knowing what is right and wrong morally and all that you need to do is ensure that you take the right step. If you are experiencing difficulties in your career, please make note that this is a karmic phase that is meant to be played out. 


Card: 9 of Swords

You may experience stress this week, but use this feeling as a reminder that it is up to you to make a change. Make space for new energy by taking a bold step that you’ve been on sitting on the fence over. Also, practice some form of stress control


Card: The Devil

The devil card represents outside influence, third-party situations, negative influences, and restrictions within your work life. Do not be tied down to these negative energies. You have to make the hard choice in terms of your career this week. Just make sure you are not influenced by people or any other form of negativity.


Card: 3 of Pentacles

Right now you are in a state of creating and working towards a goal. During this time, make sure you turn towards friends and family for support as they will help you create your dream.


Card: The Hanged Man

Capricorns may be feeling a little stuck with regards to their work right.  Use your intuition to help yourself out of this situation. 


Card: Magician

You are in luck this week. Right now, your mind and soul along with your reality and dreams are all perfectly in sync. Get ready for some magic, and see all your dreams finally start coming true.


Card: 6 of Swords

The 6 of Swords is urging you to let go of the past and move forward with the people that matter, to you to create something new.

Hrithikka Prabakar is a 24-year-old Bangalore-based Tarot card reader and Pranic healer. She aims to use her spiritual practices for self-evolvement while also helping others on a spiritual level. Hrithikka was also a national-level swimmer till the age of 17.

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