What is Kool Kanya?arrow-icon

We are here to create a nurturing ecosystem for women to connect with each other and build careers they love. Our digital platform utilises tools that enable women to access sound career guidance, and also to approach mentors or other Kool Kanyas who have had a similar career trajectory. The Kool Kanya community is a safe space for women to express, ask questions and share their opinions and advice, which will help them navigate life’s challenges and grow in their careers. We also publish blogs and other content that seeks to inspire and educate.

What is the Kool Kanya Community?arrow-icon

The Kool Kanya community is a networking platform where you can connect with other women like yourself, be they entrepreneurs, freelancers, women who are starting out, or moms who are restarting. It’s a place where you will find women in the same field as you, and where you can both find a successful woman mentor, or become one yourself. It is a space where you can be vulnerable and honest, and where you will find support from women who have walked in your shoes.

Who is the Community for?arrow-icon

If you are a woman who is interested in connecting with other women professionals, discovering opportunities, having conversations, finding a mentor or becoming one yourself, then this community is for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or have years of experience behind you, what matters is that you have the desire to experience the part of yourself that values the work that you do in this world.

What all can I do on the platform?arrow-icon

Share a status on what your day was like, build your profile and introduce yourself, ask a question, share an opinion or a video, start a discussion, chat 1:1 with someone you wish to connect to, read our blogs, find a mentor, help other women succeed and raise everyone’s power together.

How can I become a Gamechanger?arrow-icon

You are already a Gamechanger. All you have to do is sign up to help yourself and others succeed in their careers.

What are the rules on the Kool Kanya platform?arrow-icon
a. This Is A Safe Space:

Women already go through a lot of self-loathing and judgement from people, in general. So let’s not do it here. No judgements, no unsolicited opinions, no laughing at others and no shaming. Do not swear, abuse, be negative or gossip here. This is a safe space to share your vulnerabilities, so respect and empathy towards other members will help this community be a success.

b. Privacy and Vulnerability:

Everything that is shared here, stays here. Confidentiality is prime. Please do not share anything from here, outside of the group. The best relationships are built on trust and we encourage all interactions between Kool Kanyas to be trustworthy.

c. No Ads Or Spam:

We love hearing about the brilliant work that you are doing and your small and big successes at work. But, please avoid advertising your business by posting external blogs/websites/Instagram links unless you think it can help another community member in some way. We are working towards creating a space where you can promote your products, but please wait for that.

d. Feel Free To Share Your Opinion:

Feel free to share your own life experiences in answer to another question but do not word it as if it’s the only way to do things. Opinions are welcome. Unsolicited advice is not. Help a fellow member if you think you can add value to their lives.

e. Follow the Guidelines:

Be a rule-breaker and a path-breaker in your personal and professional lives but not in this community. For a happy, healthy and equal community, we need to foster love, empathy and trust to make the Kool Kanya Community a success. So, follow the rules.

We’d love to hear from you

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