Vanshika Goenka Founder at Kool Kanya

Vanshika Goenka

She loves creating products that impact people. With organisational skills that keep everyone on their toes and a disciplined routine that would put anyone to shame, Vanshika is the millennial entrepreneur with an old soul.Interested in all things vegan and spiritual, she sports a style that matches her vibrant laughter that makes the Kool Kanya office glint in sunshine.Don’t go by her soft demeanour.You wouldn’t believe it if you look at her but she is also a weight- lifter you don’t mess with.

Tanya Shetty Nair Head - Human Resources at Kool Kanya

Tanya Shetty Nair

Tanya comes with a varied experience in Human Resources across the Digital & IT sector.She believes a perfect day at work is when she is able to help in wins and successes by helping the organisation achieve goals for the day, both operational and strategic.Empathy , Passion & being relevant are some of the core values that drive her.

Shivani Krishan Chief Content & Design Officer at Kool Kanya

Shivani Krishan

One of the few people on the planet who responds to the infamous "what do you do for fun?" question with “work”. Loves chai, books, beer, and anything touched by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Dreams of curating a meme museum someday. Also a fashion geek with a love for old soft saris.

Sakshi Batra Video Producer at Kool Kanya

Sakshi Batra

Sakshi believes that creation is the only act of salvation for humans. A basic instinct that kicks in for survival and evolution. Narrating a good story happens to be her form of expression and creative outlet. It's her way of feeling closest to herself. She can't get enough of keeping up with the burgeoning digital landscape, watching explainers, and trying to be an informed feminist. With almost 5 years in the content business, she has worked in digital ads, branded content and docu-fictions, only to realise that she's meant to produce video content to uplift women.

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